Mother In Need

We have a pregnant mother from Colombia due to give birth in May to a baby girl.   Her circumstances were difficult enough prior to the virus hitting.  Now she is particularly vulnerable.  She lives with her daughter and sister and could use all the assistance we can provide.  Below are the items she and her baby girl need.  Details regarding delivery will be emailed individually.

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  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Girls' diaper bag10
 Disposable diapers10
 Receiving blankets10
 Baby sheets10
 Baby bath towels10
 Girls' newborn clothes10
 Infant bathtub10
 Grooming kit (scissors, nail clipper, hair brush)10
 Hygiene items (shampoo, soap, etc.)10
Alcohol11 • Sign up »
For mom at the birth (size M or L)11 • Sign up »
 Suitcase/bag to bring to hospital10
 Pajama set (pants and shirt) 10
 Slippers - size 37 or 3810
 Maternity pads10
 Nursing bra size 3610