Volunteer for the Fall 2019 Literacy & Enrichment Program

Join us as we bring language assistance (learning while doing), fun enrichment activities and socializing while sharing a meal with the whole family. This is going into our third year of running this program and it has been a tremendous gift to witness the joy and transformation for all.

We will be launching the program September 17, 2019. We will meet Tuesdays 6:30-8:15 in Elizabeth, NJ where many of our families live. The structure of the program is to have homework help or reading with the kids while parents go have adult conversational ESL then we all eat a meal prepared by all involved together and then have an “enrichment activity” (art project, singing, yoga, sport, performance or other).

We would like to offer a variety of enrichment experiences and rotate and/or offer more than one experience per evening. So… if you are a content teacher, art, music, dance, phys-ed, drama, science, history, etc… A coach, exercise instructor or enthusiast, sign up and send us an email to discuss how you can help.

Sign up for as many activities as you like. You do not need to be present at all (or even any) of the days themselves in order to be able to help. Please email Gail at gts626@yahoo.com to discuss. Details below.

Sign up below...

  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
Adult ESL104 • Sign up »
 Infant & Toddler Play80
 5 - 8 yo Reading & Learning Fundamentals80
9 - 12 yo Reading & Subject Matter Assistance82 • Sign up »
 13 + Reading & Subject Matter Assistance40
Art Instructor63 • Sign up »
Music Instructor65 • Sign up »
Other Content Instructor1211 • Sign up »
Volunteer Coordinator21 • Sign up »
Family Coordinator22 • Sign up »
Transportation Coordinator22 • Sign up »
Food Coordinator22 • Sign up »
Set Up43 • Sign up »
Take Down42 • Sign up »
Youth/Peer Volunteers124 • Sign up »
Foreign Language Speakers61 • Sign up »
Administrative Assistants43 • Sign up »
 Co-Leader of Inter-generational Enrichment Program10
 Location Coordinator10