Immediate Volunteer Needs

Greetings friends,

We have been asked to set up apartments for two new households. A family of six from the Sudan will be arriving later this week, along with a 57-year old single woman from Colombia.

We are able to get into the apartments on Friday 8/9 to begin prep work, so we can use volunteers both Friday and Saturday, 8/10. The bulk of the work will be done on Saturday.

If you can help out either day please sign up below and Lyne Pitts will contact you with the logistical details.

Thanks so much!!!

Sign up below...

  What Name
  What Name
 Friday 8/9 setup volunteer #1: Carolyn S.
 Saturday 8/10 setup volunteer #1: Meredith S.
  #2: Vanessa V.
  #3: Marcia M.