End of Year Party

We are running our Second Annual End of Year Holiday party for the families and volunteers we serve.  This is an opportunity to come together and celebrate all the good that has been shared this year.  We anticipates approximately 60 guests.  Families likely to attend hail from America, Afghanistan, Congo, Guatemala, Iraq, Syria with Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths.  It would be nice to share music and food from these traditions.  Food will be part pot luck, part catering.  Families will be bringing food as well so please feel free to get creative.  We do ask that foods and drinks be not too messy as the Church (which is hosting us) hs just undergone a deep cleaning and is understandably very keen on avoiding future messes and the troubles they may bring (think unwanted friends).

The party will be at a Church in Elizabeth from 5:45 – 7:30 pm on Thursday December 20th.  Exact location will be shared privately with those that sign up.  Please email us at hello@OneWorldOneLoveNJ.org with any questions. We welcome all creative ideas! All volunteers are invited to the party just please remember that due to privacy and security concerns a valid active background check is required for anyone over the age of 16 for any volunteer event that involves direct interaction with the families.  You can email us to find out how to obtain one if needed.

Love and light to all

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