Donations Needed (Closed April 4)

We are currently collecting items for 2 separate families arriving this week. 

An Afghan family of 3: Mother, father, and 5 years old son and an Iraqi family of 4: Mother, Father, and two daughters ages 5 and 8

We kindly request that you only donate the items that you sign up for.  Drop off points are Neptune City, Weehawken, Metuchen and Elizabeth. Please email to coordinate.

Please note, since there are 2 families, we need 2 sets of everything on this list.  Please sign up for “1” to donate one set of items, and a second time to donate to both families.


Sign up below...

  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Cleaning Supplies20
 Cleaning instruments20
 Pots, Pans and Utensils20
 Plates, cups, bowls and silverware20
 Basic home items20
 Window blinds20
Clothes for fathers41 • Sign up »
Clothes for mothers41 • Sign up »
 Clothes for 5 year old boy40
 Clothes for 5 year old girl40
Clothes for 8 year old girl41 • Sign up »
 Crafts, toys, books for 5 year and 8 year olds80
 Area rugs40
Framed pictures and other home decor41 • Sign up »