Donations Needed (CLOSED)

We are welcoming a new refugee family in Elizabeth, NJ. They need our help!

The following items are needed for this refugee family; a dad, a mom and a 3 month old baby boy .

We have been asked to deliver as quickly as possible so donations can be dropped off today (Sunday 10/1) and tomorrow (Monday 10/2) in Mahwah or Lincroft or driven to the family’s new apartment or to the International Rescue Committee office in Elizabeth on Monday and Tuesday. Exact dropoff logistics will be sent Monday after you sign up for a specific donation. Please be sure to provide your email address. If you have questions email

Thanks so much for your continued support of the refugees who are building their new lives in the U.S.


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  What Name
  What Name
 Paper products #1: Binnie M.
 Toiletries #1: Bonnie M.
 Baby products #1: Eun-young K.
 Bath towels #1: Janelle I.
 Baby bedding #1: Maiken d.
 Dishes #1: Maiken d.
 Glasses #1: Janelle I.
 Flatware #1: Bonnie M.
Baking set#1: Sign up »
 Kitchen basics #1: Maiken d.
 Cleaning products #1: Lyne P.
 Tea Kettle #1: Julia C.
 Housecleaning #1: Lyne P.
 Trash cans #1: Bonnie M.
 Toaster #1: Julia C.
 Miscellaneous #1: Lyne P.
 First aid kit #1: Lyne P.
Rugs#1: Sign up »
 #2: Sign up »