Donations Needed (Closed 5.8.17)

The following items are currently needed by families resettling in Elizabeth, NJ. 

Drop off points are Neptune City, Weehawken, Metuchen and Elizabeth. Please email to coordinate. If you would like to donate but don’t live near one of those locations, please reach out to us first!

We kindly request that you please only donate the items that you have signed up for at this time.


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  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Size 5 Diapers30
 Toys, dolls, books and activities for children50
Art supplies52 • Sign up »
Women's summer shoes size 822 • Sign up »
Girl's shoes size (women's) 6.522 • Sign up »
 Bassinet for newborn10
Women's summer shoes size 6.522 • Sign up »
Boy's shoes size 1.511 • Sign up »
 Clothes for newborn baby girl10
 Clothes for toddler boy10
Smart phones or cellphones33 • Sign up »
 Area rug (9x10)10
 Area rug (9x12)10
Area rug (10x12)11 • Sign up »
Air conditioner109 • Sign up »
Laptop109 • Sign up »
 Coffee Table10
Couches43 • Sign up »
 Dining room chairs10
End tables22 • Sign up »
 Pots and pans10
Clippers21 • Sign up »
Children's bike71 • Sign up »
Scooters76 • Sign up »
Helmets107 • Sign up »