Donations Needed

We have been asked to collect the following items for a group of refugees in need of winter clothing and outerwear.

We will hand deliver or ship these items either to the Elizabeth office of the International Rescue Committee or ship to Lyne Pitts. You will be contacted once you sign up, or you can contact directly. The destination for each item is indicated on the request.

The family groups are identified by name if you’re interested in collecting for all the members of one family group.

We are so grateful for your continued willingness to serve our families.

Sign up below...

  What Name
  What Name
 Size 6 women's sneakers #1: Omayma A.
Size 18 Women's wool winter coat for Samna family#1: Sign up »
 #2: Sign up »
Size 8 winter shoe for Rana Alsouq#1: Sign up »
 Winter coat for 6 year old boy of Rana Alsouq #1: Rachel M.
Men's winter coat, Size XXXXL for Ahmed in-law#1: Sign up »
 Size large women's winter coat for Karimi #1: Tahany E.
Size 8 women's boots for Karimi#1: Sign up »
XXXL Winter Coat for Rana Jahmani#1: Sign up »
 Winter coat for Rana Jahmani's 4T girl #1: Kathryn O.
Large women's winter coat for Faten Senno#1: Sign up »
XXXL Men's winter coat for Zakria Samna#1: Sign up »
 XXL men's winter coat for Mohamad Karim #1: Kari S.
Men's size 10 winter boot#1: Sign up »
 XL women's knee length winter coat for Rawda Durraq #1: Kari S.
 Women's winter boot size 8 for Rawda #1: Kari S.
XL Men's Jacket#1: Sign up »
Large women's winter coat for Hamideh Oudeh#1: Sign up »
Size 8 winter boot for Baria#1: Sign up »
Size 8.5 winter women's boot for Hind#1: Sign up »