Basic Needs Donations (CLOSED)

The following items are currently needed by a family of six from Azerbaijan about to resettle  in Elizabeth, NJ. 

The family consists of dad, mom, 3 daughters (ages 16, 10 and 2) and one son (age 14). They will be moving into a new apartment on Tuesday, December 11th.

Given the short time frame we do not recommend shipments. We would prefer the donations dropped off in Elizabeth on Saturday morning or Monday morning. You can check with to see if someone in your local area is collecting donations for delivery.

Please keep that in mind when you sign up.

Thanks so much for all your support!

Sign up below...

  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Paper products10
 Cleaning supplies10
 Kitchen trashcan10
 Dishwashing products10
 Set of plates, bowls10
 Kitchen towels and rug10
 Foil and storage containers10
 Pots and pans10
 Soap products10
 Maxi pads`10
 Diapers and wipes10
 Laundry supplies10
 Cooking utensils and can opener10
 Mixing bowls10
 Other toiletries10
 Bath towels10
 Shower curtain, rod and liner10
 Bathroom rug, small trashcan10
 Miscellaneous items10
 Full sheet set10
 Twin sheet sets40
 6 Pillows10