Basic Needs Donations

The following items are currently needed by a family of four who is moving into a new apartment in Elizabeth on May 15th.

The family consists of of a mother, grandmother, 13 year old girl and 10-month old boy.

We are unable to do a full apartment setup but would like to provide as many as items as possible to the family. All of these items MUST be shipped or dropped off to:

Mouna Jouad   (her name must be included)

International Rescue Committee, 4th floor

208 Commerce Place, Elizabeth NJ 07201

Thanks so much for your support.

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  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Paper products10
 Cleaning supplies10
 Kitchen trashcan10
 Dishwashing products10
 Set of plates, bowls10
 Drinking glasses10
 Kitchen towels and rug10
 Foil and storage containers10
 Drawer separator10
 Soap products10
Diapers and wipes11 • Sign up »
 Laundry supplies10
 Can opener, cutting board10
Mixing bowls11 • Sign up »
Sharp Knives11 • Sign up »
 Bath towels10
 Bathroom rug, small trashcan10
Twin sheet sets32 • Sign up »
Twin comforters33 • Sign up »
Pillows33 • Sign up »
Twin flat sheet21 • Sign up »
 Large baby blankets or sleep sacks20