Donations Needed Immediate (CLOSED)

The following winter clothing items have been requested by various families. If you are able to donate new or gently used coats, shoes or boots, please indicate by signing up below and you will be contacted regarding delivery or drop-off.

The most important thing to note is the request that most of these coats and jackets be LONG. This is of particular need by our Muslim women. They are looking for what we consider midi or maxi-coats, length below the knee. I’ve included names as a note to match the donation with the proper recipient.

The preference is for DARK colors.

Thank you for your support



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  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Women's winter jacket for Omida10
 Women's winter boots fo Sara10
 Boy's winter jacket for Malaba10
 Boy's winter shoes for Malaba10
 Boy's winter jacket10
 Women's winter jacket for Malaba10
 Women's winter coat for Nemaha10
 Women's winter ankle boot for Nemaha10
 Women's winter jacket for Samneh10
 Women's winter boot for Samneh10
 Women's winter coat for Wazir10
 Women's winter boot for Wazir10
 Women's winter jacket for Renna10
 Women's winter jacket for Samar10
 Women's winter boot for Samar10
 Winter boots for Mayada10
 Women's winter jacket for Amina10
 Men's winter shoes for Christin10
 Women's winter coat10
 Women's winter boot10
 Women's winter boots for Aisha10
 Women's winter shoe, boots for Thurrayah10
 Women's winter shoes and boots for Mawali10
 Boys sneakers for Zain10
 Boys high top sneakers & boots10
 Boys winter coat10
 Girls winter coat for Fatima10
 Girls sneakers for Fatima10
 Girls boots for Fatima10
 Women's winter boots for Aimee10
 Womens shoes for Nyarunini10