Donations Needed (CLOSED)

The following items are currently needed by families resettling in the Elizabeth, NJ area.

We have received an urgent request to assist two families who are moving into their new homes in the next few days. An Afghan family – dad, mom and two young children – will be relocated on Saturday. A Sri Lankan family – dad, mom and two teenage daughters – will be relocated on Monday or Tuesday.

We have already received commitments for some donations, but still need the items listed below. A few generous volunteers have offered to receive donations and deliver to Elizabeth; in Woodbridge, South Orange/Maplewood, Summit and Weehawken. Or items can be delivered directly to the families.

Thanks so much for your support!

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  What Name
  What Name
 Paper products #1: Alison and Vinny C.
 Cleaning supplies #1: Tricia R.
 4 pillows #1: Mary Anne W.
  #2: Mary Anne W.
 Deodorant and shampoo #1: Gail S.
 Pots and pans #1: Jennifer G.
 Silverware #1: Kristin J.
 Dinner plates, bowls #1: Kristin J.
 Full sheet sets #1: Tanya F.
 Twin sheet sets #1: Tanya F.
  #2: Judy O.
 Full comforters #1: Judy O.
 Twin comforters #1: Ashley M.
  #2: Judy O.
 Sharp knives, can opener #1: Judy O.
  #2: Jennifer G.
 Serving and/or Mixing bowls #1: Tricia R.
  #2: Jennifer G.
 Bath rug and trash can #1: Gail S.
  #2: Tricia R.
Large kitchen trash can and bags#1: Sign up »
 #2: Sign up »