Donations Needed

The following items are currently needed by a family resettling in Elizabeth, NJ. 

This new family from the DR Congo includes a mom, two daughters ages 19 and 16 and two sons, ages 18 and 9. We hope to do their apartment setup on Monday July 16th (there will be a separate signup for that).

In addition to the items we’ve already collected from donors to our Amazon Wish List, these household products below will prepare this family for their new life here in the US.

We kindly request that you please only donate the items that you have signed up for at this time.

You will be contacted about drop-off or pickup. Our options for drop-off are limited due to summer vacations, so our preference is to have them dropped in Elizabeth during the setup, but we can try to make other arrangements.

Sign up below...

  What Total Spots Available Spots
  What Total Spots Available Spots
 Paper products10
 Broom and mop10
 Bathroom decor10
 Trash receptacles10
Air conditioner11 • Sign up »
Rugs22 • Sign up »
Lamps21 • Sign up »
Small tables21 • Sign up »