Donations Needed – Monmouth County

Last Friday, we welcomed a new family from Burma to Monmouth County.The family includes a mother, father, three sons ages 9, 11, and 12.  They are in temporary housing until their apartment becomes available on March 31st.  We will do a full drive for them then, but in the meantime need the following items

Preferred drop-off locations are in Lincroft and Wall.  Please email if you prefer to order and ship.

We kindly request that you please only donate the items that you have signed up for at this time.


Sign up below...

  What Name
  What Name
Halal Beef and Chicken. #1: Joanna S.
 #2: Sign up »
 Medical, First aid needs #1: Katherine N.
 Twin Comforter #1: Cindi F.
Storage containers for food and non food items#1: Sign up »
 Bathroom items #1: Stevi L.
 Laundry #1: Stevi L.
Miscellaneous#1: Sign up »
 1 Backpack #1: Karen M.
 3 helmets #1: Esmat M.
 Toys & Books #1: Karen M.