Help Recently Reunited Families

One World One Love is pleased to announce a new program to assist immigrant families who were separated at the border. These families have recently been reunited but are unable to work while awaiting their asylum trials. 1W1L is seeking anyone interested in making a difference in the lives of these families. Spanish language skills are an excellent bonus!

Recently Reunited Families

Recently Reunited Families:

We have two Recently Reunited families we work with. Both are mothers with young sons, ages 4 and 5, one from Guatemala and the other from El Salvador. . The mothers were separated from their sons at the border during their journey of seeking asylum in the US. They were among the lucky ones who were reunited and granted an opportunity to continue their asylum seeking process here.

Their journeys have been difficult, full of fears of deportation, coping with the trauma of their separation and resultant PTSD and difficulty finding support as it took some time for them to receive working papers.

Thankfully both their asylum cases are progressing nicely and they have settled into comfortable homes and received permission to work. Though they still face challenges, they are grateful for the opportunity to build new lives for themselves and their children. Their physical needs are modest and when they do arise we are able to help through our larger organizational structure.

They are both super sweet as are their children and we fell instantly in love with them. What they can still use is friendship, support and mentorship. One family is located in Freehold and one is in East Orange.

XXX below to volunteer to be a Friend and Mentor to one of these families.

We are also in need of one bunk-bed.

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  What Total Spots Available Spots
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