One World, One Love

One World, One Love is a group of volunteers who act as a rapid response team for refugees resettling in NJ. From immediate assistance such as setting up apartments to collecting donations, to long term resettlement efforts, such as job placement and facilitating social services, programs and events, we are on the ground doing everything we can to help our new neighbors feel welcomed, safe, respected and supported.
Immediate Needs
We assist resettlement agencies in cleaning/setting-up/stocking apartments, collecting donated items such as clothing and shoes, and ensure the family has food, medicine, and all other basic needs covered.
Community Integration
Volunteers act as companions and advocates for refugee families by helping enroll children in school, host families for dinner, and set up social and academic programs to help family members heal and adjust to their new community.
Long-Term Resettlement
Through job training, language development and professional services, as well as health and wellness programs, we hope to support families on their journey towards achieving health, prosperity and happiness.

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